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The most understated of them all - Magnesium

I am starting this blog series with Magnesium, I only realised recently the importance of this mineral. I was always aware that Magnesium was important for muscle contraction and usually when you are crampy it is a sign of a Magnesium deficiency. However little did I know that this very understated Mineral is responsible for over 600 Body processes. From creating bones and muscles to brain function and hormone development. I am going to go through some of these functions so you can see the s...
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Essential Minerals needed for Optimum Health

With so many Vitamin and Mineral options out there, what are the essential ones which we need to function optimally.  Minerals are necessary for our body to carry out millions of different functions. The body uses minerals to do anything from build strong bones, to transmitting nerve impulses, some are needed to make hormones and others to maintain a normal heart beat. Lets be honest about nutrition, how many of us have been eating a well balanced diet which is providing us with a full spect...
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Nimue Thermal Detox Peel

Introducing Nimue's NEW thermal detox peel! Nimue's NEW professional cabin innovation. This 30 minute express facial is inspired by the flash treatment trend. Today our lives are fuller and busier than ever and time is our most valued commodity.  Nimue is the first skincare brand to launch a peel combining a foaming action with thermo-sensory mechanism that deep cleanses, exfoliates and oxygenates to achieve instant results: Removal of impurities and excess oil Refining pore size Softening ...
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GI Lean weight loss program

  GI Lean is a low glycemic lifestyle which is supported by the nutritional supplements.  We have introduced GI Lean to the site and have seen that it has caught your eye. This is how to incorporate GI Lean into your lifestyle and why you want to.   GI Lean is a 4 step program and operates on a low GI Lifestyle. Step 1 is Detox Your liver metabolises fat. When it is overloaded, it is not as effective in breaking down fat. “Re-set” your liver with a detox and get your system functioning at op...
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Youth, Strength and Vitality from within

  How important is to supplement our lifestyle? An idealist would say not at all. It is possible to get all the nutrition you need through healthy eating. Let’s face it though who has the ideal diet?   Let’s imagine a scale, on the one side all the good that goes in and on the other all the bad that takes away. Good would be things like fruits and vegetables, clean eating, exercise, meditation. Bad would be stress, Sugar, Carbs, Lack of Sleep, etc. So stack up your scale, where do you lie? A...
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Surviving a Stressful Lifestyle

  Eyes on the Prize guys, it’s the end of the year and scary as it seems it is true, December is a stone's throw away. It’s been a special kind of year this year, and by special I mean, crazy stressful, pushing everyone to the brink of madness. What should and can you be doing to deal with this, and how do you protect your family from the negative effects of Stress. It is astounding the health implications stress has on our bodies. To give a brief history of why and how our bodies deal with ...
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Are you summer ready?

Summer. Every year it creeps up and gets me unprepared. I guess it is mid-October so had the sun not been shining yet there would've been other problems, but now the sun is shining and it time to bare the legs and arms.  With the new summer season comes certain challenges. Like how to look like you haven't spent winter in a cave, or how fit into your favourite last season summer frock? All very valid concerns. If living by the summer bodies are made in winter mantra isn't your thing and you ...
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Womans’ Health – The greatest wealth is health

We, as women, are incredibly critical of ourselves and on a constant search to improve ourselves. Whether you are single, married a mother, business woman, wife, there is a lot of pressure to do it all and be everything at once, mostly from ourselves. There is more strength in you than you know and it only takes a little nurturing and care to find it. How can you expect to do everything you demand of yourself without caring for yourself?  It’s a shame for a woman to grow old without ever see...
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Can't go wrong with Cat Eyes at the moment - this is how.

  Using some Stila favorites, create this classic look for one of your many(I can only imagine) Christmas Parties coming up.   Prime your skin using Stila One Step Correct. This product has different concealing shades which cover pigmentation and red patches. It primes the skin giving it the perfect foundation for your Foundation. Stay all Day Foundation is a foundation and concealer in one, perfectly matched concealer so you don't have to worry about blending.   Now that you have yo...
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Kick Start your holiday season on the right foot

The idea that beauty is only skin-deep is most definitely an outdated idea. The latest technologies show us that almost everything in our body is connected and even our skin has its very own nervous system ears and brain if you will. Because self care is a divine responsibility then where do we start and what do we focus on? It is my opinion that an endeavor to be generally healthy in what you eat (Balanced, regular meals), a balanced life style and plenty of water will get you part of t...
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Bamboo Website Launch

  We are so happy to announce the launch of our new and improved website. Starting 01 October 2016 we now have a whole new look and feel, revised treatments and a host of exciting launch specials but the most exciting in our opinion is the addition of our new ONLINE STORE which now allows you to purchase all your favourite healthy brands and products under one roof and have them delivered straight to your door. Happy shopping! Your in health and wellbeingThe Bamboo Team
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