Are you summer ready?

Are you summer ready?

Summer. Every year it creeps up and gets me unprepared. I guess it is mid-October so had the sun not been shining yet there would've been other problems, but now the sun is shining and it time to bare the legs and arms. 

With the new summer season comes certain challenges. Like how to look like you haven't spent winter in a cave, or how fit into your favourite last season summer frock? All very valid concerns.

If living by the summer bodies are made in winter mantra isn't your thing and you are more a I perform best under extreme pressure kind person like myself here are some last minute tips to get you summer ready.


Tip #1 – Juicing                      

Ok so I confess my favourite food when it’s below 20 degrees is comfort food. Now that I have added to myself somewhat the trick is to minus winter from my waist.

Juicing with Nurish is great, it comes delivered to your door with instruction and you can start as small or large as you like. Anything from 3 days to 10 days is recommended. They suggest 3 days as a beginners cleanse, for my emergency I might go straight for the 10.

Not to self: In the best interest of summer 2018 though, try juicing monthly through winter so you are not in this situation again.


Tip#2 – Skinny

So juicing is not for everyone, I know, I have had the feedback. If it’s not your thing and maybe you survive on tea and coffee then this is your thing.

Skinny Tea and Coffee are natural and have all the right ingredients in them to boost metabolism, control appetite and burn some of that winter away. There is no easier thing than replacing what you are already doing with the same thing only healthier.


Tip #3 – The Colour of Fat

So the saying goes brown looks better than white fat. I think looking tanned makes us feel better all round. So if you don’t want to change what goes in, change the appearance on the outside.

It takes a lot to get these tanning products wrong. Gone are the days of orange ankles and streaky legs, our Tanning products are super easy to apply, smell great and leave you looking glowy and sun-kissed.


Now there are no more excuses, go get Summer!

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