GI Lean weight loss program

GI Lean weight loss program


GI Lean is a low glycemic lifestyle which is supported by the nutritional supplements. 

We have introduced GI Lean to the site and have seen that it has caught your eye. This is how to incorporate GI Lean into your lifestyle and why you want to.


GI Lean is a 4 step program and operates on a low GI Lifestyle.

Step 1 is Detox

Your liver metabolises fat. When it is overloaded, it is not as effective in breaking down fat. “Re-set” your liver with a detox and get your system functioning at optimum capacity!

Check out the GI lean detox diet here!

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Step 2 is Bioburn

Time to improve your metabolism and burn baby, burn. Don’t deprive yourself – that’s a surefire way to slow down fat burning. Eat Low-GI and kick-start your G.I. Lean lifestyle.

View GI Lean's 7 weight loss diet

View GI Lean Products

Step 3 is to Beat Hunger

By supplementing with G.I. Lean and eating Low-GI you will maintain your Low-GI lifestyle for a hunger-busting effect.

GI Lean products can help you feel fuller for longer view products here.

Step 4 Eat Low GI

The aim of a Low-GI lifestyle is to keep blood sugar levels constant, giving you sustained energy and a balanced appetite and eliminating excess storage of fat.



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