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Kick Start your holiday season on the right foot

14. March 2017

Self Care

The idea that beauty is only skin-deep is most definitely an outdated idea. The latest technologies show us that almost everything in our body is connected and even our skin has its very own nervous system ears and brain if you will. Because self care is a divine responsibility then where do we start and what do we focus on?

It is my opinion that an endeavor to be generally healthy in what you eat (Balanced, regular meals), a balanced life style and plenty of water will get you part of the way there. I also recently discovered that at some point, probably mid 30's, your rebellious years will catch up with you, either those, the stressful parenthood ones or the successful career ones. Regardless 'Forever Young' is relative and limited to mind set.

 That being said I have 2 favorites for you to try. The first is Collagen Pro Active. If beauty is no longer skin deep, then Collagen ProActive is the best place to start. It basically repairs all the protein base structures in the body. So pretty much everything, from the obvious joints and muscles to organs, nervous system hormones etc

When this product was first introduced to me, the two ladies who came to present this 'new on the market' sensation started telling me about all it can do and how it does it and as they were running down the list of can do's, I was counting how many bottles I need to buy to give to all the people who kept popping into my head.

So anything from fine and brittle hair and nails to joint pain, insomnia, concentration, ability to handle stress, lack of energy, digestive problems... the list goes on forever...are improved with this wonder product. They have used the perfect type of collagen for the job (I wont go too technical for the purpose of fitting in some other products). The success stories are never ending from superficial ailments to more serious problems, Dr's are catching on now too and are recommending it for pre and post surgery.

The reason why I added this product to this article is because we need to have a healthy canvas before we can even start trying to improve either our skin or body. This product is definitely worth the investment. It is on the market for R1150, but will replace most of your medicine cupboard. It covers all your B Vitamins and Magnesium as well as the obvious, hydrolyzed collagen. All you could maybe add to the complete nutrient set is Omega's and a Vitamin C. 


Moving on to the next one....Skinny Coffee. So I have just told you to cut out all the badies and the very next thing I am saying is drink coffee. Relax. Its green! Nothing green is bad for you. Combining "green" and "coffee" is possibly the most genius thing anyone has ever come up with! 

So Skinny Green Coffee is made from the raw un-roasted coffee bean. This means that we get to preserve some of the goodness that the original coffee bean, Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid. These two components help to boost metabolism and inhibit fat absorption. Well  need I say more? It also delivers a powerful energy boost, so it is only advised twice daily with breakfast and lunch.

So no longer can people tell you coffee is bad for you. Skinny Coffee is natural and packed with antioxidants. I like this one for its convenience and benefits and because it combines a lot of my favorite things.  


 Both of these fabulous products are on promotion this week, take advantage of the opportunity to better days!