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The most understated of them all - Magnesium

I am starting this blog series with Magnesium, I only realised recently the importance of this mineral. I was always aware that Magnesium was important for muscle contraction and usually when you are crampy it is a sign of a Magnesium deficiency. However little did I know that this very understated Mineral is responsible for over 600 Body processes. From creating bones and muscles to brain function and hormone development. I am going to go through some of these functions so you can see the s...
May 21 2019 0 Continue reading

Youth, Strength and Vitality from within

  How important is to supplement our lifestyle? An idealist would say not at all. It is possible to get all the nutrition you need through healthy eating. Let’s face it though who has the ideal diet?   Let’s imagine a scale, on the one side all the good that goes in and on the other all the bad that takes away. Good would be things like fruits and vegetables, clean eating, exercise, meditation. Bad would be stress, Sugar, Carbs, Lack of Sleep, etc. So stack up your scale, where do you lie? A...
December 06 2017 0 Continue reading