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Youth, Strength and Vitality from within

  How important is to supplement our lifestyle? An idealist would say not at all. It is possible to get all the nutrition you need through healthy eating. Let’s face it though who has the ideal diet?   Let’s imagine a scale, on the one side all the good that goes in and on the other all the bad that takes away. Good would be things like fruits and vegetables, clean eating, exercise, meditation. Bad would be stress, Sugar, Carbs, Lack of Sleep, etc. So stack up your scale, where do you lie? A...
December 06 2017 0 Continue reading

Surviving a Stressful Lifestyle

  Eyes on the Prize guys, it’s the end of the year and scary as it seems it is true, December is a stone's throw away. It’s been a special kind of year this year, and by special I mean, crazy stressful, pushing everyone to the brink of madness. What should and can you be doing to deal with this, and how do you protect your family from the negative effects of Stress. It is astounding the health implications stress has on our bodies. To give a brief history of why and how our bodies deal with ...
October 20 2017 0 Continue reading

Womans’ Health – The greatest wealth is health

We, as women, are incredibly critical of ourselves and on a constant search to improve ourselves. Whether you are single, married a mother, business woman, wife, there is a lot of pressure to do it all and be everything at once, mostly from ourselves. There is more strength in you than you know and it only takes a little nurturing and care to find it. How can you expect to do everything you demand of yourself without caring for yourself?  It’s a shame for a woman to grow old without ever see...
March 14 2017 0 Continue reading