Womans’ Health – The greatest wealth is health

Womans’ Health – The greatest wealth is health

We, as women, are incredibly critical of ourselves and on a constant search to improve ourselves. Whether you are single, married a mother, business woman, wife, there is a lot of pressure to do it all and be everything at once, mostly from ourselves.

There is more strength in you than you know and it only takes a little nurturing and care to find it. How can you expect to do everything you demand of yourself without caring for yourself? 

It’s a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable – Sucrates

If you have dreams bigger than mountains and a to do list that stretches further than the ocean and you don’t know how to get it all done, let’s go back to basics and make sure your body is up to the challenge.

You’ve always been beautiful. Now you’re just deciding to be healthier, fitter, faster and stronger. Remember That.

Seven Ways of a healthy woman

1 - Take time for yourself

This is important. At some point you need to recharge in order to give again. It is not only your body that needs to heal but your mind as well. As women we are involved in all sorts of social groups where we find ourselves supporting each other, it is what we are designed to do. However when you are exhausted it is impossible to give of yourself so we take. I have spent my entire career working in large groups of women, the general consensus is that we are terrible in groups, moody, hormonal, naggy creatures that fight constantly (Not only my opinion). It’s not how it should be, we should be encouraging, motivating and caring.

Take the time, read a book, have a massage, do your nails – and don’t feel guilty about it. It’s necessary; it makes you feel good and recharges you.

If you live close to Midstream, Pretoria check our our list of treatments for a pamper - https://salon.bamboohealth.co.za/

2 - Exercise the way you want

It’s not what you do it’s that you do something. Try it all and discover what is fun and feels good to you. If you don’t have the energy or are struggling with energy or injuries and health try Collagen ProActive. This collagen is the only FDA approved drinkable collagen in South Africa and is the most concentrated too. It also contains B Vitamins for energy. The reason why collagen is found to be so good for general health and healing is because it contains the building blocks of all our major systems. This product instantly restores energy and vitality.

3 - Get a good nights’ Sleep

Easier said than done for most. There are many tips and tricks to try. If you still struggle, Collagen ProActive as above or Solal Sleep Naturally are supplements to naturally help normalise your sleep patterns.

4 - Eat Breakfast

Never leave home without it. That said I am a culprit, but there are many benefits to grabbing breakfast before facing your day. After all how do you intend to conquer the world on an empty stomach? Try Nurish Juices for an easy pre-made, grab and go, healthy option

5 - Drink Plenty of Water

Your body’s systems work in a hydrous environment. The more dehydrated you become the worse they function. Everything operates better with water.

6 - Manage Cravings

We all have them but see them for what they are. Be mindful of what you are eating. Eat healthy snacks between meals to manage your sugar levels.


Let’s build wellness rather than treating disease – bruce daggy

Start changing the world by changing your world one health step at a time.  

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