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The Neutkraker Baard Olie 30ml - BuffelsFontein

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  • Product details

    What it is

    Macadamia and orange Beard Oil. A True favorite, we are told that the macadamia from which the oil is drawn is harvested by a blonde virgin in a white bikini, in the few minutes just before dawn. The macadamias are then shelled by a mute monk, after that the oil is extracted from the nuts by an old Swiss watchmaker, who never touches the nuts and instead only uses brainpower to stare out every drop. Believe it or not this oil will make your Beard blow freely in the wind.



    • Nourishes and hydrates the skin and hair
    • Made with the highest quality, cold-pressed oil so that all the vitamins and minerals are retained.
    • Buffelsfontein bottles are of such a nature that the UV rays of the sun do not destroy the structure of the oil
    • It’s a scientific fact that a sloppy, dry beard makes a man look like a homeless paedophile, so spoil that friend on your chin.
    • Keeps your hair healthy and prevents breakage and split hairs.
    • Helps your beard grow faster and more stately
    • The oil makes the beard hair soft, thus not giving your girlfriend reason to nag about a scratchy coat.
    • Lets your beard smell nice and lets it shine like the dew on your vehicles roof, just before you drive off on the early morning hunt.


    How to Use

    Apply a few drops to clean beard daily.



    Macadamia nut oil, Orange Oil

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