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  • Compete - FitGen
  • Compete - FitGen
  • Compete - FitGen
  • Compete - FitGen

Compete - FitGen

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    Fitgen is the brainchild of a concerned mother, Chantelle Breytenbach. Her 13 year old son is a high performing swimmer. Her requirements were that any supplements she chose for him needed to be safe, drug free, stimulant free, effective but still beneficial for the growing sport athlete.

    In her quest to find the perfect supplementation, she met Dr Gerhard van Rooyen, a renowned Biochemist and Doctor, who specializes in natural performance supplementations.

    He developed the Fitgen range, which is registered with the Drug Free Association. All the Fitgen products are manufactured using only highest quality ingredients at a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, with GMP certification.




    FitGen Compete is scientifically the most advanced intra-race product ever developed, with ingredients that regulate the slow release of monosaccharides as required by the athlete’s muscles without stimulating extreme quantities of insulin for the control of too much glycogen in the blood which may cause a “sugar crash”.

    FitGen Compete has Xtreme Ergogenic Matrix, is a scientically developed mixture of just the correct quantity of fast releasing mono-saccharides to create an immediate, energy spike, which
    is then followed by the release of di-saccharides, which are
    slightly slower to be released for energy, then followed by the tri-saccharides and even slower multi-saccharides. The energy supplying saccharides are released in stages after enzyme splitting of the bonded multi-saccharides in the digestive track by specific digestive enzymes.

    Glycogen sparing is most crucial in the rst 15 minutes of exercise. This is when FitGen Compete can help significantly decrease glycogen depletion. The glycogen sparing ingredients in FitGen Compete reaches its highest levels in the blood 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion.


    • Rehydrates & recovers.
    • Rehydrates and assists with recovery during training and racing.
    • Increases energy.
    • Lactic acid regulation.
    • Soothes muscles and prevents muscle breakdown.
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