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  • Endurance Hydration - FitGen
  • Endurance Hydration - FitGen
  • Endurance Hydration - FitGen

Endurance Hydration - FitGen

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    Fitgen is the brainchild of a concerned mother, Chantelle Breytenbach. Her 13 year old son is a high performing swimmer. Her requirements were that any supplements she chose for him needed to be safe, drug free, stimulant free, effective but still beneficial for the growing sport athlete.

    In her quest to find the perfect supplementation, she met Dr Gerhard van Rooyen, a renowned Biochemist and Doctor, who specializes in natural performance supplementations.

    He developed the Fitgen range, which is registered with the Drug Free Association. All the Fitgen products are manufactured using only highest quality ingredients at a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, with GMP certification.



    FitGen Endurance is unique in its feature that it supplies energy to athletes which requires short but intense bursts of energy, as well as athletes who requires a sustained release of energy over a long period of time, without lowering the blood glucose levels after the energy burst.

    FitGen Endurance is the rst energy drink to utilize a stacked car- bohydrate formula which contains no cane sugars. (Cane sugar or sucrose cause an initial spike in blood glucose levels, with a dip below normal due to increased insulin release, leaving you feeling fatigued). FitGen Endurance is designed to produce peak performance results for athletes. By using a mixture of monosac- charides (Dextrose), disaccharides, trisaccharides and polysac- charides, the body receives almost an immediate energy burst, which is then followed by the di-, tri-, and polysaccharides to make up the long sustained fuel source needed to help maintain blood glucose levels for superior results.


    • Produce peak performance results for athletes
    • Maintain blood glucose levels for superior results.
    • Increases energy.
    • Replenishment of glycogen in muscles after exercise.
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