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Feel Full Oil - Solal Vitamins

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  • Product details

    What it is

    FeelFull Oil contains patented and clinically tested PinnoThin and MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil to help control appetite



    • Banting diet friendly
    • Contains patented and clinically tested PinnoThin



    PinnoThin, extracted from Korean pine nut oil, works by stimulating the release of two hunger-suppressing peptides. These peptides send signals of fullness to the brain, significantly reducing the urge to eat. Medium Chain Triglyceride oil also helps reduce appetite and, if combined with a low carbohydrate diet, it also enhances the body’s fat burning capacity.


    How to Use

    Adults and children over 12 years of age: Take 10 ml once or twice daily, one hour before or at the same time as your first and or second meals of the day. This will reduce appetite for lonfer between meals. Feelfull oil can be taken as is, with a spoon, or it can be added into any food, smoothies or diet shakes, of can be used as a salad dressing



    • PinnoThin Oil
    • Medium Chain Triglyceride oil
    • Allergens: Nuts
    • Suitable for vegaterians


    Warnings, Side Effect and Special Precautions

    Refer to product insert or visit the manufacturers website for more information

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